Youth Takeover!

By November 7, 2016Blog

If you haven’t noticed already, we are have been giving you an extra 1000 Londoners film a week, and if you don’t know what that is then you are in for a treat. Here at Chocolate Films we are curious people, we like to ask questions and we like to get to know you, so of course we started a film series all about the individuals in London! 1000 Londoners is a portrait of London and who exactly makes up our capital city, with 1000 short documentaries about 1000 people. Our professional filmmakers make some of these films, and you make some of these films (visit here for more details on how to submit your own), but sometimes these films are made by young people on our workshops. We have been lucky enough this year to have been given many great films from our workshop participants. In fact, we have been given so many that we have had to start a special season for them, aptly named ‘The Youth Takeover’. This season will run into the new year, with some very special stories along the way.

We have Jenna a future Tennis champion, Co-Founder of Movember JC and many more portraits of the people who make this city great. All of the great films make in this series have made in the last 12 months on documentary filmmaking workshops by young people in London.


Remember to tune in to 1000 Londoners at 12pm every Monday to catch the short films!


Filmmaking workshop Opportunity 📣 Are you a young person who lives in South Westminster? Come along! Take part in our creative documentary Workshop. Date: 26th October Time: 9am - 4pm Location: Bessborough Family Hub, London SW1V 2JD Sign up by contacting 07966 194597…