Filmmaking Workshops for Adults

By July 28, 2016Blog

Here at Chocolate Films, we offer filmmaking workshops to people of all ages, and this week we have been working with a group of adults in Woolwich. Within this workshop we aim to give adults new skills, however for Matthew who is a filmmaker we’ve offered a project to get his teeth into as we read on his blog. You can read about his progress through the workshop here.


“I just got in from a very promising afternoon. The centre in Woolwich I got in touch with about my drinking habits runs sessions about filmmaking. When I mentioned to the guy there about my Masters, he invited me to come along. I was somewhat skeptical, but went anyway, and I’m now glad I did. It’s only a small group of two people other than me, but the guy running it knows what he’s doing. This afternoon he took us through the basics of photography – most of which I remember from uni – but the things he said we will move on to have me quite excited. He also said he runs a production company, so I’m hoping I can segway from this into other, bigger things. He showed us his website, 1000 Londoners, a collection of films about London Life. I was very impressed, and would now love to contribute my own. A great afternoon of networking and potential, then; together with the film festival stuff, things really are looking up.”
Thanks Matthew, we look forward to watching your film!


We can't wait to show the final results 🥳…