Each year Chocolate Films outreaches to approximately 2000 people bringing our workshops to groups that rarely have the opportunity to experience filmmaking.

Our workshops are an excellent way for young people and vulnerable adults to explore their creativity, raise awareness for their community group, challenge stereotypes and develop their skills for the future.


Neet, Young Offenders and PRUs

Chocolate Films has extensive experience working with young people with behavioural difficulties. Our sessions are designed to be hands-on, active and fun. We set participants lots of quick practical tasks so that they are continually engaged. As well as teaching digital media skills, our workshops are great at improving soft skills, teamwork and communication skills. We offer accreditation to young people and recommend ASDAN and AQA. Most recently we have run projects for Ideas Foundation at The Complete Works and Edlinks, Islington Young Offending Team and Think Forward.

Autistic Spectrum

We are skilled at working with participants on the autistic spectrum. We understand the challenges autistic participants face and create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere so participants feel at ease. We work to nurture and facilitate each participant’s strengths and needs and collaborate closely with carers and staff to ensure that participants feel safe and have an enjoyable time. Chocolate Films regularly provide workshops for Autism Networks and the National Autism Society. In 2015 Chocolate Films raised funding from The London Community Foundation Big Local North Brixton Fund to create a 1000 Londoners project with Lambeth Adult Autism Group.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Our workshops for young people and adults with SEN and disabilities are carefully planned with the individuals in mind. We have experience working with young people with Aspergers, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Down’s Syndrome and speech and language difficulties.

Refugee Groups

We have worked with several refugee groups over the years including refugee children in Brent with The Tricycle as part of their project Mind The Gap and Refugee Homes School Support Project, Wandsworth creating a pop up cinema screening in Tooting Market. When English is not a participant’s first language, film is a fantastic way to communicate and develop new learning and creative abilities visually. We recently worked in partnership with Tricycle Theatre offering after school activities to a range of refugee young people. This culminated in a range of short films being created by the group as well as a development of skills, confidence and enrichment for the group.


We are passionate about outreaching to all and we are increasingly working with young LGBTQ groups in London. Our workshops are excellent for LGBTQ groups to express thier opinions through film and media. We have recently completed a one day project with the BFI LGBT group which enabled 10 participants to create vines for Instagram celebrating diversity.

Homeless Groups

We have worked on many occasions with people who are or who have had experiences of homelessness. The workshops are designed in conjunction with the participants and planned to fit their personal situations. Workshops can range from creative workshops to skills-based projects. Films that have been produced by young people at New Horizons have won awards at film festivals and been exhibited at the Geffrye – Museum of the Home. Following a short documentary workshop, adults from Providence Row created two films for the 1000 Londoners site.

Drugs and Alcohol

We offer a unique training programme that supports people in treatment for drugs and alcohol misuse. We have developed a programme of filmmaking workshops that offers viable and exciting alternative to people seeking employment opportunities. Our project prepares participants for the world of work, improving IT skills, presentation skills, confidence, self esteem, teamwork and communication.

Sector Knowledge

The filmmakers from Chocolate Films work extensively with NAS, Autism Networks, The Complete Works, New Horizons, Providence Row, Discovery Story Centre and Islington Young Offending Team.

You can find out more about Chocolate Films productions here


We run workshops all year round, for all ages and group sizes. If you’d like to talk to us about booking a workshop just get in touch.


Client Testimonials

Thanks for the huge part you played running the I Am Creative programme at The Complete Works during this term. Thanks to Ross and Harriet from Chocolate Films who did a great job of facilitating the sessions. It was so great to have so many creative minds enthusiastically working together to come up with the best possible pitch to B&Q. As the judges said at the final, the work you created was exceptional! Well done again!

Zosia Mrozek-Folkierska - Assistant Creative Programme Leader , Ideas Foundation

Being involved in SElect18films/Chocolate Films has helped my recovery beyond any words I can summon, indeed, I struggled so much with social phobia that I doubt I'd been able to express myself before my involvement with Chocolate Films. The filmmaking process has helped me overcome these issues with social phobia and awkwardness and to realise that one of my strengths is actually in social settings with an ability to communicate.

Mark Brown - Participant, SElect18 Films

I learnt sound and recording, focus, to pay attention and concentration. I can make films now because I learnt how to do it.

John - Year 4, Sunnyhill Primary School