Which Animation workshop is for you? Part 2

By February 17, 2017Blog

Following on from Part 1, here we take a look at animation that will have you in the starring role. Chocolate Films offers 9 different stop motion animation workshops that are equally hands on and fun for all ages. This week on our blog I will be sharing with you three of these brilliant workshops to help you choose which is best for you.

Green screen

If you have ever wanted to meet a dinosaur, swim with sharks and take a walk in space, then this is the workshop for you.


In this workshop, you and your friends will create a short film using a green screen, a technique that is used in many big-budget feature films to achieve spectacular effects. You can make themselves fly, disappear, visit the bottom of the sea – anything is possible!

You will create a storyboard and then act out any scene you would like to be caught on film in front of a green screen. Following the shoot you will create stop motion animations to use as the backgrounds. In post-production, you will then combine them together with fantastic results.


Big Art Attack meets animation! If you loved the show as a child, then now is your time to shine.


This is stop motion animation on a massive scale. Rather than working with craft materials on a table, you can animate yourself, your friends and anything you have to hand. You will come up with an idea for a shot, create props and objects and then animate your idea. Take note that this workshop relies on having access to a large space or a high vantage point to film from! This can be your home or a venue of your choosing.


Time-Lapse drawing: 

Haven’t got all day to make your screen debut? In this shorter workshop your hands will be the star.


Timelapse drawing is a great way of creating an impactful animation in a short amount of time. In this workshop, you will prepare a script, plan the images to accompany and then prepare for the shoot by planning the timing for the shots. Using paper, whiteboards or blackboards you will then create the work of art using timelapse photography. Then, at the edit stage, you will retime the project and reframe the footage to make an engaging animated film.
For more details, or two book your workshop email us on workshops@chocolatefilms.com or call 02077934287.


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