Uncovering the Flu Pandemic

By March 29, 2019Blog

The prestigious Museums + Heritage Awards are now in their 17th year of celebrating excellence within museums, galleries and heritage visitor attractions. And at Chocolate Films Workshops we’re delighted to see nominations for a museum exhibition that we’ve been involved in!

Florence Nightingale Museum has been nominated for Temporary or Touring Exhibition of the Year with the exhibition ‘Spanish Flu: Nursing During History’s Deadliest Pandemic’ 

The exhibition looks back to 1918, as WWI approached its end, and how no-one was prepared for what would be an even more deadly event – the Spanish Flu pandemic. It infected up to half the world’s population, and the death toll was far higher than that of the World War.

On the centenary of the outbreak of the flu, the exhibition looks at how the pandemic spread, the different desperate treatments that were tried, and the nurses at the forefront of tackling this devastating disease.

We collaborated with the Youth Panel of the Florence Nightingale Museum to produce this film, which raises awareness of how we can avoid another deadly outbreak.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Florence Nightingale Museum!

As well as looking at how we could prevent another pandemic, we wanted to also look at the selfless act of humanity that people showed in those times.

Men, women, and children all played a crucial role of nurse looking after a parent, a sibling, a daughter/son, a neighbour and anyone who needed help; as hospitals were at full capacity.

These people were the heroes without capes, risking their lives everyday to care for others.

Chocolate Films Workshops collaborated with Shobana Jeyasingh to explore the idea of everyday heroism with young carers today. Working with young carers from Dover Smart Project and Barking & Dagenham Young Carers, Contagion gives us a glimpse into their everyday lives and how caring for a loved one has impacted their lives.

Contagion is a dance installation commemorating the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic which is co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary.



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