The Big Islington Animation

By December 11, 2018 Blog

Summer may be over, but we are not over summer just yet!

This summer Chocolate Films Workshops in partnership with Islington Council, Launchpad, and Summerversity delivered a hands on, animation workshops in 3 different locations in the London Borough Islington. Working with young people from Islington, we held our first workshop at Lift Youth Hub, followed by 2 days at Rose Bowl Youth Hub and drawing our animation residency to a close with a wonderful day at the Resources for Autism centre.







The structure of the animation workshops gave young people the chance to immerse themselves in the world of animation by exploring the endless choice of techniques and material such as Lego, plasticine, paper and themselves, to bring their imagination to life. Our young animators learnt how to storyboard, animate and edit their animation.

Each workshop drew to a close with each animation crew having created beautiful short animation films which have been compiled into 3 animation films representing each of the locations across the diverse borough. In addition, young people are now proud animators with an accreditation from AQA Unit Award Scheme.

So dip into the fantasy world of stop-motion animation and enjoy the films brought to you by the youth of Islington by clicking here.



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