Lambeth Autism Group get ready to release new film

By August 18, 2016Blog

Chocolate Films have been on a wonderful filmmaking journey for the last six weeks with Lambeth Autism Group, and with one session to go, it’s time we heard the thoughts of the participants. Visiting the group at their Stockwell base twice a week, the young people have made a fantastic film that we look forward to sharing with you soon, but before that let’s see what they enjoyed.


First up, I spoke to Robin, an actor, musician and Director of their film.

Chocolate Films: What is your favourite film?

Robin: ‘Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers’ is quite funny, it’s my favourite at the moment. It’s the humour and facial expressions in it that I like, particularly the part with the penguin.


I watch a lot of films, mostly with my family. Sometimes we watch films such as Captain America and Star Wars.


CF: Great choices! How did you get involved with this filmmaking project?

R: I was told by Yvonne that this workshops would happen, and I definitely wanted to be involved, so I rang Chocolate Films to get my place.


CF: What is it that interests you in film?

R: I’m interested in film because of the thing, or idea, you talk about within in a film and what people can learn from that. Stories are really important.


CF: What have you learnt so far?

R: I have learnt to work with David and Harriet (Chocolate Films filmmakers), and a lot of filmmaking equipment,such as camera, boom pole and zoom mic.


CF: How did you come up with the ideas in the film you’ve made?

R: We talked as a group, and made decisions together.


CF: If you could make another film, what would you like it to be about?

R: I think I would actually if this project happened again, definitely. I would like to do one about Autism Spectrum. I was diagnosed when I was 9. In secondary school people started noticing for some reason, because when you’re diagnosed with this your brain works differently. I’d have people with autism in the film and they’d act out a situation where they explain what autism is and what support and understanding they need.


CF: Thanks Robin, this is a great idea!


Lastly, would you like to recommend a film for us to watch?

R: ‘Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers’. Wallace is on the spectrum if you like. You can see it in how he treats Gromit and this is similar to autism. That’s how I reflect on it.


CF: Thank you Robin, it is always great to hear from the young people that we work with!


Next up, I had a quick chat with Ash the Producer, to see how she was finding the workshop.

CF: What did the role of Producer have to do?

A: I chased everyone to keep things organised and on schedule. I gave small hints and reminders so that it was a lot less stressful than before.


CF: What did you enjoy the most?

A: I enjoyed planning out scenes and editing.


CF: If you could make another film what would it be?

A: It would be about a poem that I have just written about growing up with autism, written by myself.


CF: Lastly, would you recommend a film for us?

A: Anything by Studio Ghibli.


Thanks, Ash! We look forward to seeing your film.


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