It’s a wrap for How to Succeed at School 2016

By July 15, 2016Blog


This week has been particularly momentous for Chocolate Films and our local schools as our ‘How To Succeed At School’ project concluded after three years! We set out to help primary school pupils build on their maths and literacy learning through media skills. This year we worked with three schools: Archbishop Sumner C of E Primary School, St. John the Divine C of E Primary School and Reay Primary School.

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Each year, we worked with disadvantaged pupils who had been struggling with maths and literacy with the aid of filmmaking. Once a week our filmmakers met with these pupils for an after school film club of learning with a twist. We worked maths and literacy learning into our filmmaking workshops with questions and story lines devised by the pupils. The pupils develop their own characters, each pupil is them taught how to use cameras and recording equipment to create their very own films. What a success it has been! Over 50% of pupils involved over the last three years have improved either their maths or literacy skills by two national curriculum sub-levels with a creative education. The films made during this time are then used as learning resources by the schools.


This week we held our gala screening of all 10 films made over the last year at the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton. It was fantastic to have the pupils from all three schools at the screening to see all of their hard work and the brilliant (and hilarious) films that they have made.


Throughout the project we have been grateful for funding from Walcot Foundation for helping 135 pupils build their self esteem and national curriculum levels. Congratulations to all of the pupils and schools involved!


If you are interested in booking a similar workshop or a short course, please take a look here.
Stay tuned for our films!



We can't wait to show the final results 🥳…