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Chocolate Films has developed a unique 3 year programme of filmmaking training, video skills, mentoring and careers development advice. The programme is exclusively offered to adults that have overcome issues of drugs and alcohol misuse living and working in the borough of Greenwich. Participants meet on a weekly basis and learn practical skills in filmmaking. They work as a team filming documentaries and short film web content for local charities. This is a free workshop and the training has AQA accreditation attached.


Chocolate Films is a social enterprise and therefore passionate about offering video skills to individuals to enable them to be independent and create their own sustainable business using video. When in discussions about how to support people in treatment for drugs and alcohol misuse, we wanted to develop a structure that would offer viable and exciting alternative solutions to people seeking employment opportunities and this programme was born out of these objectives.


The programme has already enabled some participants to leave the project and go onto further education and has opened the door to various new job opportunities. We aim to support all participants into further education or employment and offer them skills and guidance to creating their own social enterprise that can be run by the participants themselves.

Learning Goals and Achievements

Young people have become Chocolate Films Young Ambassadors and created a dedicated website for the project and are designing an exhibition to showcase their creative work over the programme’s life. The films made by young people together with images and footage found as part of the project will all be available for a wider audience to engage with and enjoy on the website in March 2016.

  • 1 Silver Arts Awards

  • 2 BBC Work Experience

  • 10 Bronze Arts Awards

  • 1 Career Development to VSO

Nine Elms: Past & Present Project Videos


In this film, Jay talks openly about his battle with drug addiction and the important role Supermoto has played on his road to recovery.


This information film was produced by SElect18 Films with guidance from facilitators from Chocolate Films


Anthony is a resourceful young man who has had many problems to overcome in his past.


This is a promotional film for ‘Good Food in Greenwich’ for GCDA, created by Select18


This is a promotional film made by members of SElect18 Films and was devised and edited over six, 4-hour weekly sessions


David is the Captain of the only free ferry service in London – the Woolwich Ferry. This film was made for the 1000 Londoners project.


Participants will be referred through drugs and alcohol services in Greenwich such as CRI and Lifeline Basis. If you are currently in treatment for drugs and alcohol issues please ask your key worker or contact us at for more information about how you can come on our workshops.

If you are from a recovery service or borough commissioning service and would like to set up a project similar to this in your area please contact us at and we can work with you to develop a bespoke workshop.

The SElect18 participants have created their own website to market and promote the skills they have and offer video services to local charities and social enterprises. To find out more please go to


Being involved in SElect18films/Chocolate Films has helped my recovery beyond any words I can summon, indeed, I struggled so much with social phobia that I doubt I'd been able to express myself before my involvement with Chocolate Films. The filmmaking process has helped me overcome these issues with social phobia and awkwardness and to realise that one of my strengths is actually in social settings with an ability to communicate. A lot of this happened in film planning sessions and later during filming and editing. The sort of change I experienced cannot happen in the normal therapeutic setting I'm used to, it needed the challenging, but safe reallife scenarios of being involved in filmmaking. Social phobias and anxiety is a very common issue for those recovering from substance use dependence and is often the cause of relapse.

Mark Brown - Participant SElect18 Films

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