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I think that making people laugh is one of the most important things in the world, and it’s a hard thing to do through filmmaking. Over a year I have been mentoring a group of young people from Denmark, Germany and UK, as part of the IWM Make Film Make History project, to develop and produce a film inspired by a common history, experiences of being young in Europe today with a twist of comedy.

Last week during the culmination of the project on a 3 day residency my group produced a funny and engaging mockumentary, and managed to make something that is difficult look very, very easy.  Humour is also a great way to address important issues, especially when it comes to topics such as race and identity, so I also think they were incredibly brave and original in their approach to the subject matter.

The script was really well written, and literally made me laugh out loud when I was reading it, so this made the filming process so much more fun. On top of this the group acted in the film and were naturals in front of the camera. However I did get roped into acting in a scene where I was hit by a rubber fish. Multiple times.

I feel like the experience was about more than just making a film, and they definitely seemed to bond as a group, and hopefully became good friends along the way. The films were also excellent however, and the residency culminated in a screening of all the participants’ work, with each film brilliantly different in style and tone. All of the participants had a natural affinity for filmmaking, and to combine this with their social and political interests I’m sure they will go far!

Here is the final film:


A mockumentary that uses humour and satire to show that some problems are bigger than having a low battery on your laptop. A rapping-reporter helps young Europeans with their #FirstWorldProblems, only to discover that some problems can’t be solved alone.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 09.31.35


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