Social impact is central to Chocolate Films ethos. Each year we outreach to an average of 2000 people.  Our work trains participants in filmmaking and new media skills but also strives to empower our participants through creative expression. Our filmmaking workshops have a large impact on everyone who participates and greatly improve lifelong teamwork experience, confidence building, self-esteem and creativity.

We outreach to a broad range of young people including those from low income and BAME backgrounds as well as specialist groups such as NEET young people, young offenders, refugee groups, young carers, groups with mental health issues, young people with learning disabilities and young people with experiences of homelessness. From Aug 2014 – 2015 92% of our workshops were provided for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Special focus groups outreached to

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Experiences Of Homelessness

At Risk Of Exclusion, NEET, Pre-NEET

On The Autistic Spectrum

LGBTQ Groups

Mental Health Issues

Special Education Needs

Participants In Treatment For Substance Misuse

Participants With HIV

Participants With Disabilities

Wider Impact

Last year we engaged an estimated total of 57,293 people through our learning projects as well as screenings, exhibitions and online distribution of workshop films. The outputs created on our learning projects have been screened and exhibited widely, engaging a further 4,685 people in museums, galleries and cinemas and 50,823 people on various online platforms.

Production of 1000 Londoners

In April 2014 we launched our flagship documentary series 1000 Londoners. In the first 6 months of the project we engaged approximately 200 people in filmmaking activities related to 1000 Londoners. Through the project we have engaged with and increased knowledge and understanding of minority groups in London such as Palestinian, Polish, Jewish, Caribbean, African, Spanish, North African communities in London as well as building awareness of homeless, Autism, LGBT, ADHD and Dyslexia.

We are committed to exploring niche interest groups which has lead us to Jennifer who enjoys Cosplay, a 17 year old karate black belt, Elle, and Xandria a deaf student and online gamer. We have documented the disappearing history of London and the many communities striving to preserve it. We have provided more than 20 young people with volunteering opportunities through our Young Ambassadors talent development programme.

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Discover 1000 Londoners: Chocolate Films’ award-winning documentary series, profiling the lives of one thousand people in the world’s greatest city. Many of the films are created by participants on Chocolate Films workshops.

“More proof that everyone is extraordinary”

Stephen Fry
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