Chocolate Films acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of every child, young person, and vulnerable adult we work with and also to provide a safe environment for all learning projects and productions. Our policy applies to all staff members and volunteers working with children, young people and vulnerable adults for work purposes.


Chocolate Films’ staff have a professional duty to take such steps as are reasonable to see that any participant is safe from harm while involved in Chocolate Films activities. Our Safeguarding Policy is designed to protect the safety and well-being of children/young people and vulnerable young adults who engage in work and activity with Chocolate Films as well as that of our own staff.


In addition, we take care to ensure that we reflect balanced and empowering relationships between staff/workers and participants and a basis of mutual trust and respect developed with the opportunity for children/young people and young vulnerable adults to be involved in any decision-making processes. We aim to develop and nurture an environment of positive and constructive criticism where everyone is able to contribute ideas and speak their mind.


It is of paramount importance to us and for all participants to feel confident that Chocolate Films is a safe environment for them. In addition, we want those who take part in our filmmaking workshops and their parents or carers to feel confident in their participation and to know that the staff filming them are honest, well-meaning individuals who do not pose a threat.


For more information, download our Child, Young Person and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy or contact us at:

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