The Biggest Animation at Wandsworth Fringe Festival

By May 23, 2017Blog

On Saturday 13th May 2017 Chocolate Films Workshops set up a drop in animation stand at Wandsworth Fringe Festival.  Families and young people from Wandsworth joined us to animate their wildest dreams and to conquer great feats. This is what they produced…

Pixilation is stop motion animation using people instead of puppets. So instead of making a model and photographing it, we photographed a person doing small cumulative movements.

We had a selection of very large backgrounds laid out on the floor such as a space scene, grass and sky, beach or under water scene. The camera was high up on a stand and pointed down at the backgrounds, which framed the background and created a magical world.

When people arrived they were welcomed to have a look at the different backgrounds and some examples of previous films to help you spark some inspiration. Then people strolled amongst the tremendous array of props and materials picking up what they fancied to use as props for their short story. A member of the chocolate films team then helped with the story and props to make their wildest dream come true. For example, one child said “I want to turn into a rocket and fly into outer-space” and of course, we made that happen!

The filming part is where people could be the star of the film or the director taking the pictures. With the helping hand of the chocolate films staff, participants were shown the process of how the story could be transformed into a magical short film.

Everyone was involved including both parents and children. It was a fantastic bonding exercise and the children left the animation workshop with a certificate, a big smile and a film!

With Thanks to Caius House, Enable and Wandsworth Fringe Festival.


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