Which animation workshop is for you? Part 1

By January 30, 2017Blog

Here at Chocolate Films we offer 9 different stop motion animation workshops that are equally hands on and fun for all ages. This week on our blog I will be sharing with you three of these brilliant workshops to help you choose which is best for you.


Animations are great fun to watch, but have you tried to make your own? It isn’t as hard as you would think and certainly isn’t a test of your patience. Simply storyboard your tale and characters, choose your materials and get animating with an easy set-up!


2D cutouts

This workshop looks at the basic principles of animation and is a great introduction for younger, first time animators. It builds on skills that the group feel comfortable with, such as drawing, colouring and storytelling, and it introduces key animation concepts such as timing and movement. 2D cut outs are a great introduction to animation as it takes away the test of arranging angles. In this workshop, the group will devise a story and work out the shots that they will need to create. Participants will draw and colour characters, cut them out and transform them into puppets for animation. You’ll then create backgrounds and scenery and bring their characters to life in short, fun animations.


Taster Day workshops

This one is for people looking for a introduction or simply can’t decide which style of animation to choose! You’ll learn how to operate animation software and camera equipment, and then try animating with a range of different materials. You’ll animate plasticine, sand, paper and any random objects you might have in your pockets. If you have a material that you would like to animate with, Chocolate Films can facilitate your idea. You can animate pretty much anything!


This workshop is perfect for short workshops such as drop-in or 1-day. It’s active, engaging and keeps the movement of the group as they move on to the next animating station with a different material. The taster day will culminate in the creation of short, animation sequences. This is how the taster day will work with the separate animation stations:


Light painting workshops

Light painting is a photographic technique where you set a camera to a long exposure and use lights to draw pictures or words in the air. It’s a bit like the effect you get when you draw in the air with a sparkler! This workshop is also great for Star Wars fans as you get to thrash a lightsaber through the air.

This workshop enables the participants to learn how to use a DSLR camera to create a light painting. They will have the chance to experiment with different lights to see the effects that they create and then, working in groups, design their own light paintings. For longer workshops (i.e. longer than 1 day) this can be developed into a stop motion animation.


Hold tight for the following workshop delights, or email workshops@chocolatefilms.com or call 02077934287.


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