A Day Like No Other

By December 7, 2016Blog

This year we took part in Into Film’s See it, Make It  programme with Resurgo Spear and a dedicated group of young people. Over 8 weeks, Chocolate Films facilitators supported 8 young people in creating their very own film. The young people participated in our Script to Screen workshop, which teaches young people how to use professional camera and sound kit, storyboard and script a film and how to shoot and edit their very own film. Together, the group developed a thriller, titled ‘A Day Like No Other’, which was selected by Into Film to be screened as part of the showcase at Vue – Croydon Purley.  The ‘theme’ for the screening was ‘Strange Days’, with many great films which were actually quite scary.

Here we talk to Antwon, star of A Day Like No Other and film crew member:

CF: A Day Like No Other is quite a thriller, what is the film about?

Antwon: A Day Like No Other is about a person living a day like they have never had before. Throughout the film you see that the main character is receiving text messages, but the viewer doesn’t get to see the text, they are death threats. Viewers only see the man’s facial reactions that show how terrified he is. Having seen this, the person starts to look for who is sending these messages. Once he gets home, he goes into the kitchen and hears a noise which is when he picks up the knife, deciding that he will confront whoever it is. Actually, on the other side of the doors there is a nice surprise of a birthday party. However, he then gets one final message, and it is from someone in the room. Viewers don’t find out who the message was from, you’ll have to guess.

CF:That is quite scary plot line, how did you develop the film?

Antwon: There were 8 in our crew. The people I was working with voted for me to be the lead actor. I was still behind the scenes over the 8 weeks too. It was good to see how they would direct me. I would like to give a special thanks to Chocolate films Ross for mentoring us.

CF: The Into Film screening was a huge success, did you enjoy seeing yourself on the big screen?

Antwon: I was really excited, it was a thrill to see. I have started to write my own scripts over the last 11 months. The screening pushed me to start working on this again. It was amazing to have the screening, particularly when the host introduced me to the crowd for the Q&A. The response, and to hear the feedback from everyone there was great. It opened ideas for a sequel.

Thanks Antwon, we look forward to seeing your next film. You can watch the thriller here.


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