National Gallery kick off Young Producers Programme!

By September 1, 2016Blog

Here at Chocolate Films we are very lucky to have been working with the wonderful October Gallery for quite some time. Our project with them last week continued the fun, as we took the October Gallery Youth Collective to the National Gallery to kick off their Young Producers programme. Over two days we were lucky to wander around the amazing rooms of the gallery and to get to know the stories behind the artworks, and to understand the enormous history that the gallery holds. The Youth Collective made an amazing film that responded to the artworks and explained the potential that can be unlocked in young people when they join the Young Producers programme at the National Gallery.


Here is what the Youth Collective had to say about the project:


How did you feel when you first came into the gallery space?

“Great and excited because I can learn.”

“Casual because I’d been here before, and was ready for a new project.”

“I was quite excited to see the gallery as I haven’t been before, but I was also a bit nervous as I didn’t know much people.”


Did you find a painting that you liked/struck you? And why?

“I saw paintings that stood out to me a lot, especially the Impressionists room. The colours of the paint brightened up the room.”

“The painting of Mars and Venus…. It is so famous and yet still so stunning in the flesh.”

“YES! I didn’t think I would but I really loved. An Experiment on a bird in an Air-Pump; I loved the use of lighting, the way the man is pointing at the viewer making them part of the scene, and the contrasting character reactions, that I think reflect the contrasting reactions within ourselves.”


How did you feel when you were filming in the gallery?

“Special and professional”

“Fun, I haven’t done it before.”

“Getting major keys #majorkeyalert.”

“I felt many people wanted to get into our shots so we looked very professional. However, I thought it was a very intimate and fun experience.”


How do you feel about being in the gallery space now? Would you come again and why?

“Yes as I feel that this opportunity allowed me to experience it differently.”

“Yeah, still haven’t seen the sunflowers!!!”

“I’d love to come back and explore the gallery better and go to the rooms I haven’t been to.”

“I would definitely come again. Without doing this I probably would have found it a bit boring. But now I see a new perspective of it.”

We will be sharing the film soon, follow us on Twitter @CFworkshops to stay up to date!


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