Summer workshops in London

By July 25, 2016Blog

What a great week it has been for workshops in the sun! This week we have been at Wimbledon Book Festival, Westminster Academy, Think Forward UK and Dwaynamics to name only a few. It has been great to work with so many young people and to see their skills and confidence grow with filmmaking.


The young people of Think Forward had this to say about their 3 day course:


“I knew it as a filmmaking course, but I didn’t know what to expect. We were working around Islington, one part was looking for locations which we chose to be parks mostly. We interviewed and filmed our Think Forward coaches, and made sure that we all changed roles so we could experience the types of jobs in the film crew. We really enjoyed getting to know and use the film equipment. We would like to make another film, maybe about our lives in college.”


It isn’t too late to join our FREE workshop with Dwaynamics! Every Thursday 3-6pm, you will learn how to make your very own film over the next 5 sessions. You will be taught by professional filmmakers how to use cameras, storyboard film and edit your very own film. If this sounds like something that you would love, please call me 0207793287 or email and we’ll sign you up.


Filmmaking workshop Opportunity 📣 Are you a young person who lives in South Westminster? Come along! Take part in our creative documentary Workshop. Date: 26th October Time: 9am - 4pm Location: Bessborough Family Hub, London SW1V 2JD Sign up by contacting 07966 194597…